Sonia Axis

certified life coach, Breath Coach, and Vocal Coach in Holistic Axis

My name is Sonia Axis, I’m a certified life coach and I approach my clients from holistic perspective.

I created Holistic Axis System - the most innovative, 7 layered holistic method of metamorphosis that helps my clients to re-design and upgrade their life.

I already helped over 100 clients to create life, career and business that feel good inside.

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My purpose is to support well-being and resilience through offering affordable coaching services to private individuals, professionals, creatives, businesses, and corporate clients.

My mission is to empower and unleash human potential to a level of conscious co-creation.

My unique approach is the result of:

* 30 years of meditation & breathwork

* 28 years of impactful coaching and tutoring

* 25 years of public music performing career

* 12 years of working within hospitality environment

* 10 years of kinaesthetic awareness practice

* 5 years of working in finance corporate environment

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-> Breathwork for wellbeing

-> Life coaching

-> Executive coaching

-> Voice coaching

-> Spiritual mentoring

-> Energy healing

I help with:

-> Relationships

-> Improving communication

-> Managing emotions

-> Managing thoughts

-> Anxiety

-> Feeling stuck

-> Bad habits

-> Depression

-> Imposter syndrome

-> Fear

-> Lack of clarity

-> Energy blocks

-> Educational mentoring for teenagers

-> Job interviews

-> Finding new directions

-> Stress management

-> Burnout

-> Group wellbeing

  • Education
    • Breath for Mental Rest, Anxiety, Stress
    • Voice for Speakers, Singers & Art Therapy
    • Life Coach: Personal, Transition, Executive
    • Spiritual Mentoring
    • Energy Healing
I contacted Sonia due to my problem with depression. I closed myself off, I stopped believing in the future, I had problems in my closest relationships. I used the support of psychologist but didn’t find it very useful so I decided to give it a try with holistic coaching. Sonia is a fantastic coach. She took me on a journey into the depths of my soul, discovering the source of my problems. I was able to forgive my mother, open up to life again and build new relationship with my parter.
Joanna W.
Amazing teacher. Helped my heal through personal spiritual blocks as well as access certain energy points I never knew I had. Super supportive and beneficial to wellbeing.
Sonia’s a very capable teacher who really cares about your progression. As with all things in life, you take out what you put in. Take her lessons seriously and, and my experience, you will not be disappointed with the results!
Angel G
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